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Why Wild West Ferments ?

Plastic Free

Our krauts are always fermented in ceramic crocks ... never plastic.

Fermentation Time

We ferment our Sauerkraut for a minimum of 6 weeks to ensure a high vitamin and nutrient content.  

Always Organic

We have very high standards and always use organic ingredients. We research all of the ingredients that go into our products, from salt to produce. We source our produce as locally as possible and we partner with farmers in our region.


What our customers have to say . . .

"I have become a huge fan of your kimchi and sauerkraut. Our family eats it daily. We love it! Thanks for making such wonderful ferments!" - Brianna

"Your kraut made my day!" - Marc

"Their ingredients are of the highest qualities, their ancient salts have trace levels of minerals; you can feel yourself getting healthier with every bite." - Yummy Artisan Foods