We are committed to

integrity, purity, and quality.

We are dedicated to health of people and planet.


Ancient Wisdom

At Wild West Ferments we are inspired by the ancient wisdom of our work. Fermentation is an age-old practice of preserving and enhancing food through a simple dance with nature. The act of fermenting foods has been engaged to preserve harvests and create alcohol (and religious experiences) by ancient cultures all over the world. In every culture known, the lore and traditions related to fermentation help us understand what a vital role it plays in food systems and religious beliefs. Today the frontiers of science are focusing on the benefits of fermentation in a myriad of realms, confirming that age-old ways have value beyond our knowing.


We talk a lot about integrity. Integrity, to us, is doing the right thing, whether anyone will know or not. It is an important part of who we are and what we do. The drive for profit and lack of accountability in our modern food system has created a dynamic that is not conducive for profit-driven food companies to do right by consumers. We are dedicated to offering products that defy this norm, by holding ourselves to our own high standards and ethics. We are honored to have the trust and confidence of our customers.

Conscious Consumption 

In today’s world it is critical that we be aware of the impact of our choices as consumers. Our
commitment is to make it easy for you to make a good choice – with Wild West you know that best practices permeate our business, and you can feel good about using your consumer power to cast a vote for a thriving food system, happy people and a healthy planet.

Health a Priority

With the deliciousness and versatility of Wild West’s live probiotic foods, prioritizing health becomes an easy pleasure. Our bodies carry us through this life, and it is important for us to put the health of our bodies at the top of the list – because health of mind and health of body and health of spirit are all connected. Buying Wild West products is an investment in your health. Food is medicine, and Wild West fermented vegetables are a preventative and healing care that you can offer yourself.





We do what we do because we believe that consumers are people first and deserve the best…in spite of an industrialized food system that most often puts profits before people.


We use 100% organic plant ingredients. Most of it is locally grown in Central California, some by close friends. Hopefully someday, not too far in the future we will grow some of it on our own farm!


Our unrefined salt is free of chemical additives and agents. It is from ancient sea beds in Utah. It is rosy pink from over 50 naturally occurring earth minerals.


We ferment in ceramic crocks and package in glass so that there is no plastic leaching into our beautiful ferments. We believe that “food grade” plastic is a falsehood.


Our team members are treated with kindness and respect, they are safe, empowered, inspired, and valued in our work environment.


All of our scraps go to a local farmer who turns them into compost for his crops.We use gray-water safe soap for cleaning to help keep our waterways clean and clear.