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Wild West Ferments was born through the encouragement and support of our community and continues to grow as a company that strives to be the best it can be — for our friends and family who work to create the products, for the farmers we support and for the health of our customers, community and planet.


Our Story


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We are dedicated to the integrity of what we produce. We create foods and beverages with absolute quality, flavor, and nutrition as our guiding principles.

We ferment in ceramic crocks, never in plastic. Our ingredients are always organic. Our sauerkrauts ferment for 6 weeks to achieve optimum nutrition and flavor.

We do it the best way we know how, because this is our offering.


At Wild West Ferments we take great pride in creating outrageously delicious and healthy food & drink while honoring people, the planet, and traditional foodways.


Satisfaction Guarantee

At Wild West Ferments we promise that you will be 100% satisfied with all of our products.

In addition to our passion for fermented goods, we are also passionate about our customer's satisfaction and if you have a problem with any of our products please let us know right away and we will make it right.


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